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Mojan Gabbay, MD -  - Board Certified OBGYN

Mojan Gabbay, MD

Board Certified OBGYN located in Playa Vista, Los Angeles, CA

If you’ve been dreaming of tighter abs and well-toned thighs but aren’t ready for surgery, EMSCULPT® may be an ideal treatment for you. At her office in the Playa Vista area of Los Angeles, California, board-certified OB/GYN, Mojan Gabbay, MD, offers consultations to discuss the many benefits of noninvasive EMSCULPT technology. Dr. Gabbay creates a treatment plan to help you achieve optimal results with tighter abs and well-toned buttocks and thighs. To find out if you’re a candidate for EMSCULPT, call Dr. Gabbay’s office today or request a consultation online now.

Emsculpt Q & A


EMSCULPT is the only noninvasive procedure to help you build muscle and sculpt the shape of your body. The treatment uses HIFEM® (high intensity focused electromagnetic technology) to induce powerful contractions in the muscles of your abdomen, legs, or buttocks. These contractions are significantly more powerful than the contractions you make voluntarily.

As a result of the contractions, your muscle tissue in the treatment area adapts and responds by restructuring your muscle. This helps to tone and tighten your butt, legs, or abs without the need for surgery or other invasive techniques.

Treatment with EMSCULPT is suitable for both men and women who are otherwise healthy. Dr. Gabbay can determine if EMSCULPT is right for you after a review of your medical history and a discussion of your expectations for results.

What can I expect during an EMSCULPT session?

During your in-office EMSCULPT procedure, you will lie comfortably on an exam table. Dr. Gabbay places the EMSCULPT applicator over the treatment area to trigger muscle contractions.

Treatment with EMSCULPT makes you feel like you’re participating in an intense workout, but there’s nothing you need to do except lie back and relax.

Dr. Gabbay follows a customized treatment plan that helps you achieve your desired goals. You may need four or more sessions scheduled a few days apart. Each session with EMSCULPT technology lasts about 30 minutes and requires no incisions or anesthesia.

How long until I see results of Emsculpt?

Immediately following your session, you can go back to your usual activities with no limitations or downtime. Many people experience noticeable results after their first session, with muscles feeling tighter.

Within 2-4 weeks of your last EMSCULPT session, you should notice more definition and tone in the treatment area. These results continue to improve over the course of several weeks.

To maintain the long-term benefits of tighter, well-toned muscles, Dr. Gabbay can recommend a healthy diet and exercise plan following your EMSCULPT treatments.

To find out if EMSCULPT is right for you, schedule a consultation today with Dr. Gabbay by calling her office or by requesting an appointment online now.