Pregnancy Specialist

Mojan Gabbay, MD -  - Board Certified OBGYN

Mojan Gabbay, MD

Board Certified OBGYN located in Playa Vista, Los Angeles, CA

At her OB/GYN office in the Playa Vista area of Los Angeles, California, Mojan Gabbay, MD, offers comprehensive pregnancy care for all expectant moms. Dr. Gabbay uses the latest technologies, including ultrasounds, to monitor the health of you and your baby throughout your pregnancy. She also provides specialized services for high-risk pregnancies that result from underlying health conditions. To schedule a prenatal visit for your pregnancy, call Dr. Gabbay’s office today or use the online booking feature to set up an appointment.

Pregnancy Q & A

Why is prenatal care important during pregnancy?

To ensure you enjoy a successful pregnancy and a healthy delivery, you should begin receiving prenatal care as soon as you know you’re pregnant. 

The goal of prenatal care is to reduce the risk of health complications in you or your baby and to ensure your baby is thriving as you get closer to your due date. Dr. Gabbay can provide guidance and resources to keep you healthy during your pregnancy, such as prenatal vitamins and recommendations for diet and exercise. 

Routine prenatal checkups allow Dr. Gabbay the opportunity to identify potential complications in the earliest stages when treatment is often most effective. 

What pregnancy services are available?

Dr. Gabbay provides comprehensive prenatal care that includes routine visits to measure and monitor your baby’s growth and development. During these appointments, you may have:

  • Blood work
  • Weight checks
  • Physical exams
  • Blood pressure checks

Dr. Gabbay also uses the latest technology to listen to your baby’s heartbeat and provides in-office ultrasound imaging that allows you to see real-time images of your baby. 

Prenatal visits also provide you with time to discuss any questions or concerns you have about your pregnancy or upcoming delivery with a compassionate, experienced OB/GYN, like Dr. Gabbay.

You can receive the highest quality obstetrics care from Dr. Gabbay that includes genetic screenings, breastfeeding guidance, and labor and delivery assistance at St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica. She provides counseling for infertility issues and customizes care plans for high-risk pregnancies as well.

What is a high-risk pregnancy?

High-risk pregnancies involve underlying factors that can affect your health, your pregnancy, or the health of your baby. These factors may include:

  • Being over 35
  • Carrying multiple babies
  • Having chronic health issues

You may also need specialized care if you experienced complications with previous pregnancies. Dr. Gabbay can review your medical history to determine if you need more frequent prenatal visits and other specialized services after an evaluation of your health. 

If you think you’re pregnant or need an experienced OB/GYN to guide you through pregnancy, schedule a consultation with Dr. Gabbay today by using the online booking feature or calling the office.